Alexander Seto

Here are some projects I've been working on:


OpenDoor is a location-based Android application that allows homeless users to find ammenities in their local area, such as WiFi hotspots, showers, food opportunities, and homeless shelters. Content is user-submited and user-rated. The app features voting, reporting locations, and comments. This app was build at SCUACM's 2nd annual Hack for the Homeless Hackathon in 2015. opendoor screenshot


Built in 2015 at SCU's very own BroncoHack, RoommateFindr is a platform that matches users with potential roommates based on a battery of questions that determines potential compatiblity. This project features a fully implemented user registration and login system as well as user matching and groups. The frontend is coded in Angular.JS and bootstrap, while serverside queries are built on Parse.

My personal website

You're here!
I built this site from scratch as both a learning exercise and because there was no existing solution that I liked. This site started a couple years ago as a single basic HTML+CSS page (it was hideous). It had a terrible black and white gradiant for the background. It went through a couple more iteratations before I updated it to how it is now.
The site is written in HTML and PHP. Since I neither post that much, nor have anyone else posting, I decided to make the blog flat file.


Curses2048 is a small clone of 2048 made for the terminal, written in C using the ncurses library. It features colored blocks as well as a customizable grid size. Upcoming features might include a highscore list as well as resuming previous games. curses2048 screenshot

Untitled CYOA Game/Engine

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to code my own game. In freshman year of high school a friend and I made a foray into the land of programming and tried making a CYOA game. They wrote the story and I wrote the game in Python. A couple days in and the game was begining to go out of scope, making changes to the story meant having to refactor a lot of code, and backtracking in the story further complicated things, mostly due to unoptmized programming and general lack of ability.

More recently, I was inspired to pick up the task yet again and try to complete the game. Having more knowledge about programming, I knew that I would have to tackle the problem differently. Rather than writing the game with all the interactions directly, I would write the engine separately, with the ability to read and process story files.

So far, I've gotten the menu written, as well as loading, saving, and creating new games. I'm still working on the format for the story files, and how certain mechanics will work based on that.

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