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A New Project: IOU

Posted on 10/05/2016

I've created a small web application while studying abroad using PHP and MySQL to keep track of money that people owe each other. Features include approval of requests, deletion of requests, sum of total owed, and autocompletion of user's names. Authentication is provided by Google OAauth.

Heres a link to the project.

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Posted on 08/28/2016

After about two hours I'm done. I refactored the blog code, eliminating redundant processes, as well as implementing tags for posts!

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Tags and Titles

Posted on 08/27/2016

I want to be able to tag my posts, since I've been considering an attempt at a travel blog, so this means I'll have to reconsider my approach as to how this blog is set up. I'm thinking I'll make it such that the first line of a file will be the blog post's title, the second line will be the date, and the third will be a set of tags. Hopefully this will work.

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Putting Off Studying

Posted on 12/08/2015

Since it is still finals week, I have naturally found more interesting things to rather than studying. I've recently started a small clone of the game 2048 for the *nix terminal. I've been writing it in C using the ncurses library for drawing the screen. I started writing some code from scratch, before deciding to just base my game logic code off of the original 2048 so that my version more closely matches the behavior of the original. I've put it up on my github, so feel free to check it out!

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New Fonts!

Posted on 12/07/2015

Instead of studying like I should have been, I instead opted to install a new font. I replaced the old typeface with Garamond, which I think makes the site look a lot nicer. In addition, I've made titles and headings a little lighter.

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